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Why QA Wolf?

Hi there! 👋 Thanks for checking out QA Wolf, an open source tool for browser testing.

We built QA Wolf to help you create, run, and maintain tests 10x faster.

Who is QA Wolf for?

QA Wolf is for busy teams who want the fastest way to set up tests. We built it for developers like us who want to spend less time testing and more time shipping.

In our previous jobs, we found browser testing too difficult and often gave up on it entirely. Our inspiration for QA Wolf was to build what we wish we'd had. QA Wolf provides everything you need for testing, with no installation or setup required.

Our goal is to get you up and running with tests as quickly as possible. In order to do this, QA Wolf needs to be opinionated. We optimize for speed and ease of use over configuration. QA Wolf works particularly well with the modern Jamstack.

Create tests fast

Here's how QA Wolf helps you create tests 10x faster:

🐢 Before QA Wolf🐺 After QA Wolf
Install a library and configure your testing environment.Create tests from the browser - no install or setup required.
Learn a test framework and write boilerplate code.Convert your actions to code.
Re-run your whole test with every change.Re-run selected code.

Run tests fast

Here's how QA Wolf helps you run tests 10x faster:

🐢 Before QA Wolf🐺 After QA Wolf
Build and maintain infrastructure to run tests in CI.Run tests on Vercel/Netlify deployments or on a schedule with one click.
Wait for dependencies to install and run up to a few tests in parallel in CI.Run 100% of tests in parallel with no additional setup.
Build and manage integrations to get Slack alerts and test receiving emails.Get Slack alerts and test receiving emails out of the box.

Maintain tests fast

Here's how QA Wolf helps you maintain tests 10x faster:

🐢 Before QA Wolf🐺 After QA Wolf
Read CI logs and download artifacts to understand failures.Understand failures with a video, logs, and the exact line of code the test failed on.
Fix tests by checking out code, running it locally, and waiting for another CI build.Re-run and fix tests directly from the browser.
Work independently to debug and fix tests.Collaborate with your team in real time by sharing a link.


We're always working to make QA Wolf faster and easier. We welcome your feedback and questions in our community Slack.

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