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Invite Team Members

Inviting others to your QA Wolf team allows them to see your test results and contribute to your test suite.

In this tutorial, we explain how to assemble your QA wolfpack.

Invite a Team Member

To invite a team member, first visit the Team settings page. You can access this page from user menu in the sidebar of the dashboard.

Open team settings

You'll find the invite form in the "Members" section of the settings page. Enter any number of email addresses to invite, separating multiple email addresses with commas.

Once you are done, click the "Send invites" button to send invites.

Invite team members

After the invites are sent, the invited team members will be listed with a "Pending" status.

Pending team members

Accept an Invite

Your teammates will receive an email at the provided address with an invite link.

Clicking the "Accept Invite" button will accept the invitation. If your teammate does not already have an account with QA Wolf, they will be prompted to sign up first.

Accept invite

Feel free to nudge your teammates until they join your wolfpack. 🐺